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The Record of Thomas Knight

How so like the English to keep detailed records of all manner of events, to preserve, for all time, the transactions of man. This is a characteristic shared by no other culture other than perhaps the Egyptians, in all of human history. The English were, after all, traders of almost unsurpassed prowess, and as is the way of traders, records must prevail in the absence of presence.

As a result, we are blessed with an interesting insight into the life and times of Dr. Thomas Knight as he undertook his duties as a surgeon for the Hudson’s Bay Company at a remote outpost in the far north of the Canadian wilderness.

With the diligent efforts of Jean-Pierre Knight the attached documents lend substance to Thomas’s life, and the unique opportunity for us, as later members of the extended Knight family, to see another time, another place, and another of our lot as he practiced medicine in the wilderness.