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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
Arthur C. Clark

Most people interested in the history of their family would like nothing more than to corner their great-great-grandfather for a quiet cup of coffee and some serious discussion of their family’s past. It seems rather certain that this ancestor would have all the answers being sought, or, perhaps more accurately, he would lead us to the next set of questions. But those kinds of friendly discussions over coffee most likely will never occur, no matter the degree of advancement our technology achieves. But it can’t be discounted totally; there is always that “maybe” when it comes to humans. In any event, we are left with the technology of today, and it is a technology not without its dabbling in magic. DNA is one of those spells of magic that can transport us to a quantum leap in information, discovering history along the way that is simply fascinating and achievable in no other way.

This page of the SilasKnight.com website as such is devoted to what has been learned so far regarding our family’s past through the lens of a discrete molecule known as Deoxyribonucleic acid. This acid molecule formed into two chains is minutely small but allowed to evolve on its own path can build an entire human organism of unimaginable complexity. Further if reduced to its component parts this molecule can unwind to tell the intimate story of any human organism their origins and what other humans they came into intimate contact with.

So, like many things in advanced science and technology, DNA is almost undifferentiated from magic in many ways. However, thanks to the cleverness of humans, we have partially deciphered its language and can now understand a great deal more of both our personal journeys, and our journey as a young but determined species.

And there is that little niggling puzzle that nothing comes from nothing, so, perhaps behind DNA we will find the hand of a creator at work.