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Journey to Iowa

The settling of America is a history filled with many long journeys fraught with danger and hardship, but it is both rare and remarkable for any family to find such a story that details their own familys’ journey.
The story of Rebecca Knight and the journey of her family is really rather amazing and offers unique insight into our family history.

The Knight family is very fortunate to have found this valuable piece of our personal history.

Autobiography of Rebecca (Knight) Kennedy
(Daughter of Silas Knight Sr.)

I was born April 8, 1843 in a little town called Nanticook, on the shore of Lake Erie, in Walpole Co. Canada – 12 miles from Port Dover. My parents moved 2 miles into the big pine woods. I was only 4 years old, but I can remember how big the trees looked.

We would leave the house when the men felled the trees for fear they would fall on the house – my father bought 160 acres right in the big forest and went into the lumber business, getting out ship timber as well as lumber. When his farm was all cleared he bought other trees-at that time most all kind of trees were to be found in these woods; white pine, oak, hickory, hemlock, beach, box elder, poplar, bass wood, cedar and elder trees. Here lived wild beasts by the score. Black and cinnamon bear, large gray timber wolves, panthers and wild hogs. The wild hogs were dreaded most of all. Deer and all kind of small animals were to be found here…

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