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Return to Canada

The story of Rebecca (Kennedy) Knights’ journey to Iowa refers to her younger brother being confronted by Sioux Indians while clearing timber. This younger brother was Silas Bayard Knight, and in later years, this son of Silas Knight Sr. would become a wheat farmer in Therien, Alberta, Canada.

A great granddaughter of Silas Bayard Knight has written a very interesting account of life and times there and the story has been added to this family site as a fascinating window into our history. Her name was Ila Witwicky and this is her legacy.

A Legacy of Ila Loretta (Johnson) Witwicky & Family

I was born on October 27, 1919 at Therien, Alberta, in a log house on a farm. Christened as Ila Loretta Johnson, my first name I have hated all my life. My Grandmother was Loretta Emery, and that’s why I was given that name. She was always called ‘Rett’ as I remember. In Decorah, Iowa, my mother worked for a family who had a nice little girl named ‘Ila’. That is how I got that name.

Somehow, as a little girl I do not think I lived up to my poor mother’s expectations since I turned out to be a real tomboy and not the little lady she was expecting. My sister Ruby was 11 years older than I was and a real little lady, but scared of everything, even the chickens in the yard. My being a rough and tumble kind of kid came about I think because I had only brothers to play with. Ruby did not have much time for me or I for her. How times changed. In later years we grew to be very close and great friends. To this day I miss her….

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