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Glenn Knight was an extraordinary fisherman and left others in amazement at the amount of fish he could catch. The most sought after fish were walleye, and Glenn had a particular skill at catching them in quantity and size.

The last occupation of Bayard Chester Knight, prior to retirement, was machining plutonium and enriched uranium in the manufacture of nuclear weapons. He held one of the highest security clearances issued by the U.S. government.

There are more documents from the estate of William Reed,
dealing with the Knight family history, stored at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Burr Oak, Iowa. Perhaps someday someone will visit there and see what they are!

There have been native americans that joined the family,
including Phoebe (short) Knight, wife of Silas Sr.. She descended from Metis Cree. It is interesting to look for the others in the family tree.

There are several recollections that Silas Sr. and Silas Bayard were fluent in French, particularly when it came to swearing!

Canada granted only one royal title in its’ history,
and that was the title of United Empire, or the letters U.E. following the name.
This title and its’ rights were granted to certain loyalists and their descendants. The Knight family were United Empire Loyalists and therefore have the right to claim the royal title of “Knight U.E.”