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“The Use Of The Pig”

My Dads Favorite Story

My dad enjoyed old time humor. I can remember and count the times he cursed on just one hand. (Most of those times related to something that I had just done or was about to do) And he was embarrassed by any reference to sex. He thought it unfair and disrespectful to women and wouldn’t abide it. But when it came to humorous stories, he really liked the ones that involved a bit of irony and perhaps a sprinkling of wisdom. Here is his favorite one;

Two old farmers met in town one afternoon and not having seen each other in quite some time they stopped to talk. One explained to the other that he had just come from selling his pigs at market and that he was mightily pleased with the outcome. His neighbor, the other farmer asked him, “well, how did that work out for ya”. He replied, “well, it worked out pretty good! I bought those pigs when they were piglets for $2 each, kept em a year and sold all of em for $10 each!” The neighbor replied, “well that sounds pretty darn good, but I’m just curious, what did it cost you to feed those pigs for the time you had em?”. He replied, “just $8 worth of feed each so I got off pretty easy.” Well, his neighbor said, “now let me get this straight, you bought the pigs for $2 apiece and then each pig took $8 in feed to get them through the year. Then you’re telling me you sold them for $10 dollars each. Looks to me like you broke even on the deal”. Well, that caused the old farmer to think long and hard before replying to his neighbor, “well yes, that’s true, but I did have the use of the pigs!”

So, that was my dads favorite joke and it reminds me to this day that no matter the outcome to any business deal, you did have the “use of the pigs”.


David Knight