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Knights’ Pool

Posted on Aug 17, 2019 by

On the Eau Claire River Frank Arnold Knight Sr. was born August 10th, 1855 in Winneshiek Iowa, the son of Benjamin Knight, Silas Knight Srs’ brother. It is unclear as to when Frank Knight migrated to Wisconsin or built a cabin deep in the woods along the Eau Claire River but whatever the year, this area where the cabin was built surely was deep wilderness at the time. The location he selected is a very interesting area wherein the river transitions from deep rock lined rapids to an expansive river, smooth flowing, with sand banks. A dramatic...

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For Ann

Posted on Aug 16, 2019 by

Some time ago my niece suggested that I write a short summary of our family so that her children, and their children to follow, might gain some insight into the familys’ life and times. The writing of it, for me, served as a reminder of how utterly staggering has been the change we have experienced in only a short time. I remember, when I was very young, my dad

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