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About the Author

Thank you very much for visiting our family website. My dad was interested in our family history and devoted time to research it along with his brother Glenn Knight, and of course, Jaime. As a result, this history always had my interest as well, especially considering that some of that history is quite unique and filled with adventures. There was a wonderful movie made years ago called, “How The West Was Won”. I found that discovering the true history of our family was kind of like seeing another episode of that very famous movie series,

The Exploration of Hudson Bay, Quite Likely Our Family’s First Steps on North America

complete with river pirates, Indians, wars of survival, and pioneers settling the wilderness.

I sincerely hope others in the family will continue to be interested in the research of our family history. I can also relate that many clues I have found assured me there is much more history and many very intriguing stories yet to be discovered. With the ever-increasing additions of databases available online, research becomes easier and more productive as time moves forward. So, I hope you enjoy the SilasKnight.com website, its’ stories, and images, and that the website will enrich your life in some way knowing more of the complete story of who you are.

David Knight 2019