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A Cathedral For Wolves

Far from being as it is today the North America encountered by the early settlers and pioneers was a place comprised, generally speaking, of two great oceans of trees divided by a broad central plain standing over six feet high in buffalo grass. The native peoples lacked the technology to alter these elements in any significant way rather, for the most part, relying on forest and prairie fires as well as other naturally occurring events to clear

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Fiddles, Banjoes, and a Squeeze Box Full of Beer

In the old days, before iTunes, before Dolby Digital sound, before cassette tapes, and even before phonographs and gramophones, music was just as sought after and looked forward to as it is today, but back then you had to find those that could spontaneously make it, or better yet, make it yourself!. The Knight family, like many or most others had its share of gifted, and at times, not so gifted musicians. I would say

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For Ann

Some time ago my niece suggested that I write a short summary of our family so that her children, and their children to follow, might gain some insight into the familys’ life and times. The writing of it, for me, served as a reminder of how utterly staggering has been the change we have experienced in only a short time. I remember, when I was very young, my dad

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